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This is the link to our Team Twinkle Support where you can easily find our team support projects that are available.  These projects (finished items) are paid for thru PayPal because the funds go directly to our Team Twinkle Toes team members.  Please drop us an email at lois@elegantstitch.com and we will be delighted to send you a PayPal invoice.  We will add and remove items as they sell out and thank you so very much.  NEW THINGS COMING TO THIS PAGE IN THE NEAR FUTURE - YES, DALLAS 2017 AND WE WILL HAVE SOME FUN THINGS.


FINISHING WEEKEND - 2017  Dates are set - weekend after Easter - Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23, 2017 - come join us at the usual hotel - more information later but the conference room is booked - PDF form has been installed...and there you go.



so there obviously wasn't an update on the 13th...and in my infinite wisdom i have come to the understanding that indeed, somewhere in my last few lives i must have pissed somebody off really badly because "the hits just keep right on coming" as follows:

i have 5 pending weekly wound care appointments on the books - yes, it's very deep and very ugly and i was told yesterday that it is going to get worse before it gets any better because there is a lot of dead tissue down that rabbit hole, i build a dam around the hole (envision a donut) out of a destin like substance and then i fill the hole with medihoney gel and then i put a $5 medical pad on it, then i slip "casually" into compression stockings (and if ya ain't done that - DON'T), then i take 600mgs (at least) of whatever and then it stings like the devil until the meds kick in and then immediately as soon as they wear off.

moving right along - monday the 23rd the CPU here in the office starting behaving like an incredibly ugly cranky person...for some reason i started transferring files to the new computer that was on the packing table that i just hadn't gotten around to yet... fast forward to tuesday morning when it was so cranky it almost got a time out...but then THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared...

get the brain in functioning mode - unhook everything, drag the dead body over to the computer store across the street and blessedly - it was the operating system and the hard drive was intact...they saved it to an external drive, i brought it back and the only thing on the entire computer that i couldn't make happen was my email won't unbudge (but i have it all on the lap top which i now drag in here with me in the morning), my itunes account wouldn't load and i didn't know how to fish out the program and all the files for this website.

my knight came to my rescue this morning and remoted in to this new computer and got the web site program all re-installed, itunes has eluded him (but he thinks it's my horrible connection here at the shop) and the hard drive is on it's way to him and he'll have it monday - then he can reload all the emails so i don't have 7,562,129 duplicate emails in folders to have to deal with.

so...long story short - it could have been MUCH uglier, i didn't cry or get frustrated - i just took a deep breath, got very proactive very quickly and dove in...

i have scanned everything in - yes, got that to work too, and as soon as he jiggles around with this on monday morning when the hard drive arrives in pennsylvania then i should be good to go, but am actually quite proud of myself.

so...i know my credibility is just shot full of holes...but seriously...time out somebody...i can't take too many more challenges ;)

coming close to full on the finishing weekend in april...and only because i have to limit it to be fair to everybody - there are only so many pages of "me" i rip out of the catalog.

market is coming, i'm dyeing all weekend because it's going to rain all next week and rain and drying times are a bit of a joke when coupled together...the "time unhooked" has given me time to drag and pitch around here which is a good thing and i've unearthed some treasures which will show up on ebay very soon.

the last and final thing is getting used to a new keyboard and mouse - always a joy in grand scheme of things to be sure...and this space bar is a little "stiff" still...

have a good weekend...yes, we are alive...it's just the life seems to be a bit of a struggle at the moment...but we're trying and that's no joke bozo!!!



so...there's an update coming tomorrow morning...but, husband was cleared out of surgery on Monday - and he is totally off crutches and uses the cane occasionally - they are very pleased and so is he.

I made it into wound care yesterday afternoon - that was very interesting (to say the least) and pretty painful when she had to remove the scab that had formed over the wound - certainly not something i would sign up for again any time soon...but hopefully with ace bandage wrap and medihoney patch and heaven knows what else I am now on the road to recovery as well.

The finishing weekend registration form has been uploaded and if you click on the "finishing weekend" link at the top of this page - it will take you right there...

I'm off to finish a few more things and then get down to some business tomorrow morning first thing.

Yes, we have survived the rain - supposed to be back Thursday next - the snow in the Sierras is just amazing - they are still trying to dig out Tahoe so the trucks and everybody else can get in and the creek by our house has overflowed the banks and totally covered a walking path that we use but we need it very badly - just not all in one week thanks very much.

so...off i go to see what other kind of trouble i can get into...





and...i just lost paragraphs of text so here we go - i'll start again and maybe won't be so mouthy - let's do bullet points instead...

1.  website is a mess - am doing my best to clean it up - have spent morning working on it with new calendar and other junk removed - trying to streamline it and figure out the best way to deliver news.

2.  husband is finally back on his feet from hip replacement surgery thanksgiving friday but it has been a journey for all of us...and i think i see the end in sight...and a few more weeks of eyes forward and no messing around and i actually think i might be able to be a rational, breathing human being again...maybe.  this was originally scheduled for 12/22 but there was a cancellation so we took the cancellation for 11/25 but that took some scrambling to make that happen and of course i lost the month of preparation to get all the ducklings lined up in a row.

3.  on top of all of this - i managed to drop something on my left leg 2 weeks before Dallas the first week of November, it never healed, it just sat and got ugly and horribly infected and so i am just finishing up 20 days of 2,000 mgs a day of keflex antibiotics and i'm hoping that it has worked but the wound and the leg still feel a little "twingy" so i'm giving it until next week and then another email to the doc if necessary - have to get this fixed and finished.

3.  no, i have not been sitting on my behind feeling sorry for myself, there has been a lot going on in the background and lots of pulling, shoving, dyeing, cutting, packaging of trims for lady dot - market is coming and i have responsibilities out there.

4.  there is a new breast cancer donation piece that is in the works - really, truly sweet and wonderful and with the designer's permission i switched out the threads & linen - got it half stitched and HATED my choices so had to re-tool, start again and like it so much better - it will be a complete kit with larger pincushion, specially dyed ribbons, scissors fob, scissors, a stick pin for the pincushion, all the finishing supplies and instructions - and i'll give you a tiny sneak peak in a week - i promise - just need to stitch a little bit more - these funds will help Team Twinkle Toes in Dallas 2017.

5.  also in the works are beautiful Blackbird Designs Moda cloth fabric envelope bags - i have 100 of them cut out, all the lining and batting cut out and the very large, vintage mother-of-pearl closure buttons purchased, cording made for the button closure ties and all the appropriate bobbins wound and ready to go - these are also donation funds for Team Twinkle Toes - more information on these a little bit later - but i'll probably do a sneaky peeky of the stacks of fabric and batting that are hanging around here - they are going to be beautiful and i'm so excited about them.

6.  the calendar is updated - have to do pdf registration forms for the April finishing weekend but the conference and hotel rooms are booked at the hotel.

7.  because i didn't get to the 36 "hug" quilts for the kids this year (obviously that part of my life got away from me) they are now stacked and ready to quilt and bind and i figure if i do 5 or more a month they will be ready for next year's winter season.

8.  yes of course we are doing all the cross stitch stuff here - threads and linen and charts come and go out of here: of course we are doing hands on design's 12 days of christmas - the aztec red gingham has been ordered from Weeks Dye Works and our autos are in with Cathy and JABC buttons - cute as can be and we are very excited about them.

9.  so...i'll finish this up, go shovel some more stuff from the website and try to get it into some better shape and get the registration forms up - we are alive and well and just a little battle scared over the course of the last 6 weeks but it's hard being all things to all people and maintain the responsibilities on my plate, be the only driver, the only grocery store person, the only one to shovel things up and down the stairs, do the laundry, shovel the patient in and out - it just thoroughly amazes me how long the simple process of taking a shower can take - let alone all the driving, errands, purchases, appointments, physical therapy, haircuts, etc. that we take for granted when there is another set of wheels and hands and feet to help with just the day-to-day aspects of the life we live.  BUT as was the case with his 2 knees that he got 20 years ago - he will feel so much better and be able to get back to his "stuff" which he has been sadly checked out of for the past 8 months...life is good.

10.  looking forward (in some aspects) to 2017 - it will be an interesting year to be sure and lots of changes for all of us - and i'm looking forward to NOT behaving and looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  it will be fun to actually accomplish things on my huge list, get my office in order upstairs (since i got it painted) and get the garage back into shape (it's ugly out there) and make a huge pile for donation to hospice and for the twice a year curb-side garbage pickup that we have - oh lord do i have some donations to that pile - there is a huge "de-cluttering" effort going on in my home...i figure if i attack one thing a day when i get home - there will be a vast improvement to the situation.  far tooooo many things i want to do and far toooooo little time to accomplish them all...organization is the key i have figured out ;)

so...with all of that - i wish you all a brilliant and happy New Year - if you watch Bowl games - there are a zillion of those, a Rose Parade or just some peaceful time to stitch or read or watch a movie or color or shop on line or read blogs or organize projects...i'm hiding this weekend - my new washer & dryer are arriving on NY's eve morning and i just might spend some time washing and drying clothes - am so excited to get these - life is good and if it's not - i'm going to do my best to make it that way.

see ya next year with even a cleaner website ;)  and thanks for being patient with me...it's been a very long and tormenting 2016 and YAY - IT'S ALMOST OVER!!! 

11/30/2016 - so...and i hate starting sentences with "so" but... it's been quite the month - i fibbed about the update but we celebrated the friday after thanksgiving not with shopping or "treeing" but with complete hip replacement for husband bear.  the original surgical date was for after the first of the year, then it was for 12/22 because we jumped on a cancellation and then last monday 11/21 they offered him 11/25 and because he could barely walk by this point in time - and there was no way he would be walking by 12/22 - we jumped on it.  it took some wiggling and some quick pre-op appointments and some serious re-adjusting the schedules but at 12:50 on friday afternoon they wheeled him into surgery and they deposited him to his room that evening about 6:10 p.m. and then i got him on Saturday afternoon to bring home - no rehab hospital - so - trying to get him to eat has been interesting but i think we have finally gotten the appetite back and this afternoon is his first rehab appointment and then i actually think we are going to attempt a shower when we get home - will probably help the stiff and aching muscules.  he has been in such bad shape for so long - the groin muscle, the back and the left leg are in pretty ugly shape - he has NO pain in the hip anymore - so it will be a case of getting him back on the recumbant bike, etc. but he's up and motoring laps around the downstairs in the walker and came thru the entire thing like a champ and i didn't have to put the pillow over his face ;)  i am known far and wide by my friends as nurse ratchet and the oxycotin police...so the pain meds are at a minimum and i withhold them until he either eats or does laps or...but it appears to be working.

in the middle of all of this insanity - we have had a scottie dogger mix for 9 months.  he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Fresno by a group and then locked in a cage for a year and basically ignored.  he was a terrible psychotic mess when i got him - couldn't even look me in the face and has taken months to just become a skittish, jumpy dog but wags tail, knows his new name and has great security figuring out he is now safe.  Well, Saturday morning, before i went and sprung the patient - his new mom and dad - Walt and Linda -  drove 12 hours all the way from Seattle area to adopt him.  i didn't even cry when he left with his care package of containers of home cooked food and crunchies and bowls and an ice block and a bag of 'snacks' because if i had looked far and wide and there were a thousand choices for potential parents - i never could have found a better couple for bennie ben ben than this couple.  he is safe now, he has 5 acres to explore and he will live the life of a king and be spoiled and coddled and loved and hugged and kissed and be well traveled and a "mom" couldn't ever ask more for her forlorn child than this kind of lottery... he is now "home" and what a lucky dogger he is.

so...i know i owe you calendars and finishing weekend forms and an update with real pictures and real "stuff" which is all sitting here waiting to be scanned and i make a solomn pledge that if you give me the rest of this week - i will have that under control next week - i promise - but i was originally gearing for 12/22 and it happened quite literally a month earlier so there are vast piles of things waiting for me here - as well as at home because the "bear" has been out of commission at home for quite sometime too and there is only one of me and all the dogs and the crippled person so i haven't even changed out my winter clothes yet... can you tell - i'm just a mess.

thanks for your patience...and i'll be back - i promise i promise...but baby has a new hip and that was the most important thing in my life...getting thru that in one piece and making sure he did too - a 6 hour sleep wouldn't be so shabby either on somewhere but a big pad on the hardwood floor but that will come when the time is right...in the meantime - aleeve is my bestest friend for my aching back ;)



10/27/2016 - busy - yes, insanity set in - yes, long time for an update - absolutely!!  going to get it done before i leave for Dallas - probably not!!!

everything in an uproar around here - so busy i can't find my butt with both hands - not complaining - not at all - but something had to give and unfortunately it was this website.

of course we're still in business - without question - are the days 320 hours long - i'm thinking not even though i keep telling myself that if wishes were dreams...

new colors of trim for Lady Dot - have 1 more to dye, pdf files to be built for the wholesale part, dyeing, drying, sorting, packaging, storing and then all the stuff at home and ebay and training - the morning starts at 5:20 and ends sometime around 11 p.m. and i don't stop...dogs to feed, wholesale stuff to do on top of the trims...just insanity and more insanity...so the only thing that is suffering at this point is this website and that's only because i haven't figured out how to get the program on the computer at home...but that's coming sooner than later.

so...there's the update - i am trying desperately to get some of this under control before I leave next thursday - but then again, the entire world might come crashing down around my ears if the orthopod tells bruce that he needs a new hip - and that appointment is taking place on the Friday i'm in Dallas...so...hang on...and i promise - once i get 60 miles under my belt - i will spend an entire day doing nothing but this website - i promise.

one more final thing - we have a new breast cancer piece coming for 2017...spoke with the designer this morning at 7:30 my time - it is wicked cute, the design is done so now all we have to do is orchstrate the kit and the goodies that are going to go in it and i am so very excited!!!  wicked, wicked cute.

as they say in the biz...news at 11 and thanks for your patience...it is so appreciated.


09-09-2016 - so clicking on the green date on the left will get you to the update this week and thanks for visiting.


8-26-2016 - so...welcome to craziness incorporated - if you click on that green date to the left - odd's are that you will happen upon an update...i'm thinking maybe???


08-11-2016 okay - i'm thinking that this might actually work and then i'll have to skip around and be a very happy woman.  click on the green date at the beginning of this update and there it should be!!!


08-05-2016 - click that link - it WORKS!!! okay i think i can celebrate a very small victory...most all the links have been "relinked" and i even think i have relinked the pdf updates on this page...be still my heart...it could be a victory for the old woman ;)


08-01-2016 every single link on this website unlinked when we brought it over to the other server - be patient with me - i have to learn a new system an d go in and relink everything.


friday, july 29, 2016 and so...here we are again...trying to get a better handle on this...it's so stinking hot this week - we are all hiding - well over a hundred since last Sunday - it's just way too hot  so - it's the pdf girl - all good


friday, july 22, 2016 click on the date - it should work

friday, july 15, 2016 click on the date - it should work

thursday, june 30, 2016 click on the date - it should work

wednesday, may 25, 2016
click here for update -
pdf style enjoy and thanks - this link appears to have died and i can't get it back - i'm sorry ;(

tuesday - may 24, 2016

no - i did not die - yes, we are all okay - it's just a horrendous amount of this and that and more stuff and annie being off a week and me dyeing trims and dogs and home and painting and shoveling and river rocks and very large pots and and and and and...

i have put up the information for the September Betsy Morgan classes - you can find it by clicking right
HERE and tomorrow i will be doing an update - tonight i have to go home and cut 230 yards of pom poms and get it dyed by the end of the weekend...and this amazing job just arrived on my doorstep this morning about 10:30 so there is never a dull moment around here to be sure.

i promise on all my doggers' heads that i will be back tomorrow ;)

tuesday, april 19, 2016

yes, still here - yes, incredibly busy - yes, the most amazing finishing weekend we have ever had - i will do an update by the end of the week (pdf form so i can post some pictures so you can see) - piles of product and estate properties everywhere and today my rescue who was 1.5 days from being euthanized has been spayed so we are very happy...she's a little under the weather right now and i was going to update yesterday but i had to cook chicken/brown rice/vegetables when i got home from work yesterday before i could start my work at home...am a little bit tired - it's been a tough couple of weeks since market...and i've still got a ton of stuff to do and no rest in sight...

will be back by the end of the week - promise.

thursday, march 17, 2016

so...from all that i've heard - you like the new pdf format...so i'm going to give it a shot for a couple of tries and see how it goes...it does mean "clicking" on one more place but it gives me the capability of providing you with decent pictures...have a great weekend!!!

update for 3/17/2016

monday, march 7, 2016

we went - we came home - it was wonderful - and instead of beating my brains out trying to get the pictures to upload - i put it all in a pdf file with reasonably sized scans - i hope it works for everybody - then you can open it and hopefully it all works for you...

thanks for being patient with me - late pulling into the garage last night and i've been here since 6:45 this morning - but all the suitcases are emptied and back in the car to go home and most everything is organized - we only hope ;)

2016 Nashville Market Report -
starts here - it got edited this morning (03/08) because my brain was in a fog yesterday afternoon...sorry about that.

friday, february 26, 2016

of course everything that could be pre-ordered has been, of course we are going to market, of course we leave next thursday morning bright and early and this market we are wearing at least 2 hats - maybe 3 hats because lady dot creates is going to market too and despite the 70 pounds of "stuff" that left over a week ago to our distributors - there are three very large suitcases in my living room full of stuff to take with as well...and it's getting to the point that i might have to go naked - oh god no - i couldn't do that to anybody ;)

not only is a lot already ordered but we are so looking forward to seeing what hasn't been "sneak peeked" already, we have lists, we have wish lists, we have all our pre-orders organized and ready to go, the folder is full, the extra mailing boxes are packed and we are really looking forward to this market.  weather should be reasonable and hopefully after 19 years of doing this - we have it down like a well oiled machine...i hope ;)

so...here is the update for things that are in - i am NOT posting anything here that i don't have in my hot little hands but i have started a nashville scan photo album and my laptop is going with so i'll be able to start writing on the way home and after i have helped annie get it all priced and packed on saturday night... only time will tell.

so...here we go because i have more chenille to cut and some rather large messes to clean up and i fear the mess making is not over quite yet ;)

threadwork primitives:
one blackbird one blackbird $10.00

blackbird designs:
butterfly garden butterfly garden $9.00 and yes, we have the linen

pineberry lane:
lovebird pin & scissor lovebird pin & scissor 1 lovebirds pin/scissor $11.00

the drawn thread:
simply spring simply spring $8.00
simply winter simply winter $8.00

shepherd's bush:
love is in the airlove is in the air kit $11.00
st. patrick's day trifles st. patrick's day trifles $8.00

merry wind farm:
mary inglis mary inglis 1830 $20.00

heartstring samplery:
handprint on my heart handprint on my heart $10.00

barbara ana designs:
merry pepper pouch merry pepper pouch $12.00
the fruit thief the fruit thief $12.00

and on the pup-a-la front - my two little girls went to their forever homes - annabelle last friday and gretchen on wednesday - i got a new poodle girl on last tuesday morning - 7.1 pounds that i have named zoe - she had her surgical procedure this last wednesday and is learning how to wag her tail, roll around in the grass and to realize that dogger toys are to be played with.  she gets along well with the bear pack but she will be going to an adult home as she is still quite skittish and hopefully another couple of weeks will have her trusting a little bit more.

yesterday when i got home i thoroughly cleaned the master bathroom and this morning we actually got to use the bathmat outside the shower door - it was quite an experience and there were no peewee pads that needed to be side-stepped.  the little boy "augie dog" is still here with us until his mama is able to take him and bruce told me the other day that augie dogger has lifetime babysitting privileges at the bear house - and when his mama goes back to work - bear has offered day care until he gets to be a bigger dogger...he is a handsome boy and a true miracle...

so...more waxers need to be poured for an emergency order, am going home to shovel and dye chenille, find some clothes to wear, pack the rest of the stuff into the appropriate suitcases and probably not do an update next week, but will definitely have a market report with nashville treasures on 03/07 when we return from market.

if there is something you want that you've seen out on FB, etc. - please drop us a note - if we are heading to that designer we will be most happy to help out - without question.

thanks for visiting this week - have a wonderful weekend and...let the games begin!!

friday, february 12, 2016

once again the world got away from me...lots and lots and lots going on around here - but making myself sit down at the computer - i keep making promises to myself and then i get involved with something going on outside these 4 walls that are my work space where my desk is - i now have a straight shot from the door to my desk - every other corner of this closet is filled with ebay materials and if i scanned until i turned 100 i don't think i would complete the piles - but it's all part of that "job security" thing and i love it.

brought back another carload from stockton this week - last load i think will be next week after a much needed haircut/trim and after i finish this today i will be strapped to my scanner (aforementioned reason in the above paragraph) and then the weekend is full to the gills - i told bear that he had better not plan on sitting down this weekend ;)

the three pup-a-la doggers are heading to the vet for surgery on tuesday and then the two girls will have appointments with prospective new parents and "augustine pierre" or for the not so presumptuous "augie dogger" will be staying with me until his new mama is ready to take him close to the end of the month before we leave on march 3 for nashville and market.  uncles nicholas and dudley will be in charge of showing him things like the dogger door and eating his meals with the grown-ups: that feat has been impossible with the girls - the three of them together are known as the terrorists!!  AND, joy oh joy - we get our master bathroom back and will not have to share it with pee wee pads.  yesterday's trick was the ability to get into the bathtub (where the BOX of pee wee pads resides) and chewing off one of the box flaps...those pup-a-la doggers.

anyway - everything (and more) is now scanned...and so i can get this finished...in no particular order because i'm just a little crazed ;)

liberty hill:
liberty hillpa german childs sewing boxe $45.00
these are here - they are wonderful and include a scrap of fabric for pins, a small rusted bell for a scissor fob, a reward of merit card and a little house shaped thread board.  if you collect LH - don't we all - this is a must and very reasonably priced as always.

erica michaels:
brrrrberry linen brrrberry linen $9.00

brrrberry silk brrrberry silk (includes silk gauze) $16.00 and those are lady dot poms adorning the top of that beauty!!
sweetberry sweetberry linen $9.00
sweetberry silk sweetberry silk (includes silk gauze) $16.00

abby rose designs:
heart of hearts heart of hearts $10.00

just nan:
pansy ice cube pansy ice cube 1 pansy ice cube with pin $24.00

lizzie kate:
a little baby a little baby (w/linen and heart charm) $14.00
hello spring hello spring 1 hello spring kit $20.00
bra & panties bra & panties (w/buttons) $11.50
be bold & brave $9.00

primitive needleworks:
queen of my castle queen of my castle & needle $9.00

the bee company: the cutest buttons!!! - to order - please give me the ## as shown
TB3C$6.00 (appx. 7/8" top to bottom)
tb1tb1c or tb1cr $3.70 (appx. 1/2" top to bottom)
tm tm $3.70 (appx, 3/8" top to bottom)
more coming very soon

okay - so let the shoveling commence.  i saw something on FB the other day - 40 days of lent - for every day - take something out of your closet that doesn't "work" anymore (for whatever reason) and put it in the charity bag - what a great idea - except - i'm taking it to a higher level - every day a BAG - not just one piece...and it will be house-wide and the clothing has already started on ash wednesday but the entire house will commence this weekend...actually starting this afternoon - after i make some stops on the way home, take pups for a backyard romp, cut more poms for dyeing this weekend, dye some chenille, update other pages on this website...and then i can start the weekend tomorrow and watch out...i might be a mess by monday afternoon but there will be areas to walk and to actually put things down where i can find them again...taking those pups on 1/19 has definitely cramped my style but we saved 3 out of 4 and "they" didn't think it could be done...but we did.  then i have to clean out the house once they are gone and spray the yard...but happy, healthy and alive - it is what it is all about...and as i said...i will soon have my bathroom back without having to open the pocket door, climb over a 24" gate and be constantly cleaning up shredded pee wee pads - there is nothing that makes a pup happier than dragging a clean, fresh pee wee pad into the crate and shredding it all over the place...then foster mama gets to spend hours sweeping up bits of blue plastic and white padding off the slate floors and tracking it on her feet all thru the rest of the house.

the almond trees started popping this last week - the buds are beautiful and pretty soon the orchards will be the most beautiful white blossoms that look like clouds - absolutely breathtaking - unfortunately both annie and i are allergic to almond blossoms and spring is coming to the valley - my tulip tree will probably pop by the middle of next week and the daffodils are up but not ready to produce any flowers yet - and the hydrangeas are budding so i can prune off the dead pretty soon.

enjoy your weekend - if it's a three-dayer - really really enjoy - we will be back next week - i have to ship 4 boxes of new designs in waxers off to my distributor to take to nashville market - they only need labels and bear will drop them at fed ex after dropping pups at vet on tuesday morning... i'm off to chop up pom trim for dyeing...have a great one and thanks for visiting!!!


friday, february 5, 2016

got everything scanned and edited - update on monday - of course we are getting the liberty hill boxes - already ordered last saturday, i have the new lizzie kate, new just nan, new erica michaels - i'll be back.

lost one of my pups last sunday morning - it was horrible - i couldn't help him anymore than i had - and so my friend and i made the decision to give him the last gift we could and we said goodbye.  the good side is that last night the remaining boy and the two girls were reunited in the master bathroom - they can now be together, they can run, romp and play with dudley and nicholas and they are scheduled for their shots and neutering next week and then they can be adopted and go to their forever homes.

it was nothing short of a win win win for the three little ones - and i am over the moon happy with our success.

now - to get my life back in order - i've been juggling 2,300,501 balls in the air since the 19th and i think i might actually get a few things done over the weekend.

see you back again on monday - my brain just isn't functioning enough to do an update today.

thursday, january 28, 2016

so...as promised - here i am again...we're going to do the new stuff first - and i know that some of these are holiday items but they were not released by the designers until after holidays so i just look at it as a early opportunity for next year because there is some really swell items...

going to do the update first and the reason for my absence at the end...so i'm really not trying to make you read everything - really truly i'm not - and it actually all worked out well in the end - i need to get my head wrapped around business first and "news" at the end and it was not a real restful night last night (or the night before either) so am operating on a true minimal of sleep...if i forget my name - just smack me upside the head and i'll get it eventually... no particular order - just how them are stacked on my desk after editing pictures...and to quote ed sullivan "away we go"...

hands on design:
java java chart w/wool $10.00  5 jabc pins $15.50
follow my heart follow my heart $16.00
counted canvas but definitely could be worked on linen 

tempting tangles:
key to my heart key to my heart $12.00 (stitch count 112 x 112)

kathy barrick:
peace on earth peace on earth $12.00 (stitch count 152 x 142)

death by thread:
floral bag floral bag $12.00 (stitch count 110 x 134)

notforgotten farm:
holly holly $10.00 (stitch count 106 x 132)
blue belsnickle blue belsnickle $10.00 (stitch count 73 x 101)
winter fox winter fox $10.00 (stitch count 137 x 85)

with thy needle & thread:
merry noel merry noel $12.00 (stitch count) 182 x 61)
blessings by thine blessings by thine $12.00 (sc 113 x 90)

blackbird designs:
honey bee honey bee $9.00 (sc 65 x 65)  if you haven't stitched this yet - tip - sew the linen together first - pull a vertical thread - we used machine - and stitch in the ditch...so much easier than trying to line up the stitching and then sew the seam
sweet home sweet home $9.00 (sc 65 x 65)

little house needlework:
north woods express north woods express $12.00
comes with chart and 5 full skeins of classic color works floss
this is one of those that was sent 12/01 from tucson to modesto - it didn't arrive until after the new years - it went to china and back and then i think a round trip to siberia as well - just for good measure - this is a "get it done for next year"...
snowy winter snowy winter $6.00 (sc 61 x 61)

lizzie kate is coming, just nan is coming, kelmscott queen thread holders (and a handsome henry VIII as well) are coming - we are just awaiting delivery and a bunch more and the market stuff is starting to be sneaky peeped too...but i always wait for market because i want to see it in person before i buy or offer it up - just how i am unfortunately.

we have also been preparing new waxers and new colors of chenille and poms for nashville market and then i got the brilliant idea that we really needed rayon ribbon to match poms/chenille so hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of yards have been dyed and are in the process of being ironed and carded...

so...that's the update...and here's "the story" so if you are not interested - you can just turn off the t.v. at this point:

you know that my husband and i did fostering for rescue doggers/puppies - we started a couple of years ago and scarlett o'dogger was with us for 4 plus months until we got her to 4 pounds and then she could be neutered and go to live in her new home in the bay area - raging success - she is loved and happy and basically owns her people - they don't own her.

then we took a bit of a rest from it - politics came into play as well as another surgery for my husband on his leg (old news) and my gallbladder removal last march and that rescue did things we didn't want to be associated with - blah blah blah.

new rescue comes on-board - we know they very well, highly respect the founders and were delighted to be asked to help again with fostering until they get their forever facility.

first was "mia" who we took 12/26 - she came from a high-kill shelter in central valley - had had pups - had been neutered but just needed a home for a week before her adoption event.  we flunked fostering mia - who has become fiona and when we took her back the following saturday 01/02/2016 for the event mr. bear left a check, she was there for a brief visit and now she is a bear pack member with a purple harness and leash - we love her.

then came harley - harley comes from "harlequin" because he is a black/white tiny little boy who looks like a mini version of spanky and our gang's dogger - he needed to stay with me until he could get big enough to be neutered so he came to work and he went to the vet and within 7 days he had a wonderful new family in auburn - massive success.

fast forward to last tuesday the 19th...high kill shelter in the next county north - litter of 4 puppies put in a cardboard box and taped shut, mama tied to a post next to the box and left overnight and they found her the next morning with the box of puppies.
mama has been spayed and has gone to her new forever home as of last weekend but on thursday (1/21) one of the little boys got deathly sick with a disgusting disease highly contagious to pups - he was really sick...he went to hospital for 5 days and we were not sure he was going to make it.  in the meantime - i have three more in my bathroom (slate floors that i can bleach) and i'm shoving meds down them every 12 hours - 2 doses 30 minutes apart times 3 pups - and keeping a constant eye on them - trying to take care of our herd - holding our breaths every time we went to check on them and not knowing what we would find when we did check them - bleaching shoes, dishes, hands, cages, crates - when little boy 1 (LB1) went to hospital last friday - the entire house seemed to be on the driveway with me spraying bleach on everything including myself - no skin left on these hands.

tuesday night LB2 came down with the same symptoms but he had had 10 doses of meds in him by this time - sugar water, more meds, sleeping in mama's fleece jacket with mama in it and a trip to the vet yesterday for 2 magic shots that coupled with preceeding meds and more sugar water caused him to eat about a teaspoon of food this morning - and that was absolutely huge.  LB1 also came home from vet yesterday so right now i'm stuffing meds down all of them for another 7 day regime, LB1 in one pen, LB2 in another pen and the two sisters still in the bathroom seeming to have come thru it like champs (we girls are stronger aren't we).  

last night LB1 decided he would celebrate his release from hospital by screaming his lungs out wanting attention and wanting out of his pen - by 1:00 this morning - he got locked in his crate and spent the night in the pantry with the door closed...and i didn't kill him ;)  but, his rude behavior was also causing LB2 to whine too because he still wanted to sleep in the aforementioned fleece jacket and mama was not going for it - so he got locked in his crate and spent the rest of the evening in the powder room - neither the pantry or the powder room are sound proof and the the sisters awoke this morning at 5:00 and nothing would do but it was time to get up...

so...at this point - i believe we have saved the entire litter - my stubborn streak kicked in and i was not having any of the "well, you know they don't survive this" and at this point i have had them so long that they are no longer 4 dark wiggly bodies - they have 4 distinct personalities and both bruce and i have a lot invested emotionally and sleep wise with this motley crew - and besides - they are as sweet and cute as can be.

so...there is my story - i apologize for being gone so long - i have just been putting one foot in front of the other for the last 10 days plus - and with all the rest of it and pouring over 40 pounds of bees wax and dyeing hundreds yards of pom and chenille and then the ribbon - the website just kept sitting on my "to do" list.  i also owe donation thank you notes and i hope those individuals will forgive me too.

if you are interested in coming to our april finishing workshop - the information is all up on the website - please fill out the form - it's a pdf so you can just fill it out and attach to an email or fax it in... we are looking forward to that - we are looking forward to market the first weekend of march in nashville but mostly i am really looking forward to a good night's sleep but that will come when it comes...

hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for hanging in there with us.

wednesday, january 27, 2016

am scanning right now - will have an update tomorrow - we have some ugly stuff going on here - will explain it all tomorrow - i apologize for no update until now - and yes, i know it's been a long time!!  more tomorrow a.m. i PROMISE!

tuesday, january 5, 2016

yes, it's been a long time...out of my control and i haven't stopped working since the last update - market is coming the first weekend in march - i haven't stopped working - in fact - i have worked and worked and worked - we are in huge market preparation - all our trims (poms and chenilles) are going to market in nashville - and that has required massive amounts of work - and all lady dot's waxers are being picked up by a distributor and i have literally poured 40 pounds of bees wax in the last 3 weeks - somewhere in all of that was christmas and new years - and the saturday after christmas we were asked to foster a terrier mix dogger girl who came from a high kill facility in fresno - she had puppies, then was spayed and last saturday she became part of the bear family - her new name is fiona...and as soon as she gets some of her hair back (severely matted which required some serious scissor and clipper work) and a bathie...we will have some pictures...

we officially have a herd now - she's a little girl - only 13 pounds and dudley is so happy - he thinks momma and papa got him his very own friend.

because of the insanity...i have fallen far behind - am trying my best to get caught up - have some scanning to do and should have that up by thursday - but in the meantime - did a pdf file for april finishing and fun event registration - should make it easier for everybody - you can get to the event info from here

the other thing i've been arranging is betsy morgan has kindly offered to design our 2016 breast cancer piece - we have had one of our favorite companies dye us a beautiful pink 32 count linen and this will be a complete kit - so exciting - betsy has the linen and is designing and we will have some more information as the spring progresses.

finally - the entire team twinkle toes has registered for San Diego 3-day for 2016 and i will get that link up very soon - we will also have some new wonderful repurposed treasures that i'm working on to support our team's travel to San Diego - am so excited - our 5th year in a row with the finest group of women i have ever had the pleasure of knowing - they humble me with their spirit and kindness and nobody has blinked at one 8% grade a day for three days ;) here's a little information and you can get to the team page from here as well: http://www.the3day.org/goto/lgmbear

so...until thursday - that's it - we are planning some fun things this year - and lady dot creates is growing by leaps and bounds - something has to give here at some point - as long as it's not my sanity - we're all in good shape ;)  see you soon and thanks for checking on us!!!